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2014-15 SKWC Wrestling Pin-Pool

PIN POOL DONORS 2014-2015: As of 19 Nov 2014
Club Level Pledge Donors years in Pin Pool
NCAA All-American $100+/pin Jeff Vanderbeek
Big Ten Champion $50-$99/pin David Bugen3 Tim Burklow3 Josh Gross3
Pin Club $20-$49+/pin Raymond Clark2
Tim Woods3
Joe Butler3 Bill Hoffman3
Tech Fall Club $10-$19/pin Peter & Karen Efros3
Corey Cooperman
John McElroy
Erick Wnuck2
Kirk Holderbaum
William Garbarini3
Ron Puorro
Rick Berry
RU Wrestling Staff
David Johnson3
Michael & Sue Van Brill
John Welch3
Major Decision Club $5-$9/pin Leon Mowadia Jr.3
Tom Caravela
Aaron Gross2
Andrea Leonardis3
Robert Patrick
Joe Sacco
Mike Alvarez
John Christopher
Jason Hawkins
Mike Liguori
Chris Peake2
Dan Seifring
Tim Anderson
Arnold George
Doc Laudicina2
Ray Lijo3
Frank & Jean Perrotti2
Win Club Up to $4/pin Karen Goodale3
Matthew Schott3
Craig Salvatore
Anthony Rossi
Mick & Barb Simmons3
Michael Skrzensk
Joe Young
Mark Sacco
*JMHSGD: Jackson Memorial H.S. Guidance Dept.

Your pledge amount will be multiplied by the number of pins accumulated over the course of the season by Rutgers wrestlers in all varsity matches during the season including dual meets, scheduled tournaments, EIWAs and NCAAs.

SKWC will send PayPal invoices. You do not need to have a PayPal account. Any credit card will work.

Members will receive:

  • At $1, $2, $3 & $4, Members will receive Coach’s newsletters
  • At $5, Members will receive the Coach’s newsletters & a wrestling T-Shirt
  • At $10, Members will receive the Coach’s newsletters, a wrestling T-Shirt, and invites to SKWC & team socials
  • At $20 to $49, Members will receive the Coach’s newsletters, a wrestling T-Shirt, invites to SKWC & team socials, & one invitation to the annual post-season awards banquet
  • At $50 to $99, Members will receive …
  • At $100 and above, Members will receive…

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2014-2015 Pins:

Rutgers Duals (02 Nov 2014) v. Centenary, Delaware Valley & Stevens Institute of Technology

  1. 133: Jalen Ramos wins by fall (Centenary) (2:47)
  2. 141: No. 19/NR/NR Anthony Ashnault wins by fall (Centenary) (2:44)
  3. 149: Ken Theobold wins by fall (Centenary) (2:28)
  4. 165: Nicholas Gravina wins by fall (Centenary) (2:03)
  5. 174: Phil Bakuckas wins by fall (Centenary) (2:28)
  6. 285: No. 9/8/13 Billy Smith wins by forfeit (Centenary)
  7. 141: No. 19/NR/NR Anthony Ashnault wins by fall (Delaware) (2:39)
  8. 157: No. 6/6/7 Anthony Perrotti wins by fall (Delaware) (2:46)
  9. 133: Josh Patrick wins by fall (Stevens Institute of Technology) (4:41)

Rutgers Duals (16 Nov 2014) v. Hofstra

  1. 165: Ethan Orr wins by fall (3:32)
  2. 174: Phil Bakuckas wins by fall (4:18)

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